Soreness After Your Massage in Daytona Beach: What It Means & Why It's Normal

Soreness After Your Massage in Daytona Beach: What It Means & Why It's Normal

Sore muscles after a massage are your body’s way of communicating with you. When you are aware of the changes in your body, you are better able to maintain a healthy, balanced, and whole self.

Massages unlock plenty of mental and physical benefits, from stress relief to pain management to better sleep and healing cycles. Not every massage is right for every client, though.

Different Types of Massages in Daytona Beach and Beyond

There are many different styles of massage (even more than listed here) and different reasons

for them. Patients’ tolerances to each differ as well.

  • Deep Tissue — more forceful targeting of deeper muscle layers and connective tissues
  • Swedish — more gentle, kneading, deep circles
  • Myofascial Release — focuses on trigger points, tightness, and areas of injury or overuse
  • Asian Point Release – focuses on “points” and “meridians” as learned from Asian training. This technique is effective in relieving targeted physical issues.

Whether you want to loosen some tight muscles or deeply relax, there’s a massage in Daytona Beach or Ormond Beach that is perfect for you.

Listen to Your Massage Therapist

Before you left the Ormond Beach or Daytona Beach spa where you got your massage, did your therapist tell you to drink lots of water? Make sure to follow this advice.

A skilled massage therapist or hard workout can cajole those stubborn, unused, or injured muscles to move around and start to heal. This releases toxins and lactic acid into your blood. If you are dehydrated or have poor circulation, the healing process will slow down.

Listen to Your Body

Your brain and your body work together to keep you aware and alert to physical states such as hunger, cold, and pain.

You don’t consciously think “I’m at a comfortable temperature” every time you are. It’s the sudden gust of cold wind or putting your hand too close to the stove that triggers you to notice and react.

If you just got a massage in Daytona Beach or Ormond Beach and now you’re noticing sore muscles, you should stretch gently and drink more water.

It’s perfectly normal for a deep tissue massage or myofascial release to cause a little lingering soreness. However, if you notice that the pain lasts, relocates, or intensifies, it’s time to check in with your massage therapist or physician to determine if other factors are at play.

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